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Peter B’s Brew Pub
Akiyama Hopyard customer Elkhorn Slough Brewery
Elkhorn Slough Brewery

Akiyama Hopyard customer Alvarado Street brewery
Alvarado Street Brewery
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New Bohemia Brewing Company

Akiyama Hopyard client Seabright Brewery
Seabright Brewery

Akiyama Hopyard client Uproar Brewery


“Sam was able to provide us 100 pounds of fresh picked and beautiful Chinook hops on brew day which we threw into our mash tun as a hop back.  The session IPA that came out of it tasted unlike any beer we have made before.  Incredibly fresh and zesty with a wet citrus finish.  I was sad to see the beer go and I can’t wait for the next wet hop season.”
(Shanty Shack Brewing)